Trig Point Milk Stout
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Trig Point Milk Stout

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Wales being the hilly place it is, many towns and villages are overlooked by a trig point. These are the fixed survey points traditionally used for mapping, although much can now be done with GPS. The local trig point is a focus for that longer, steeper walk that'll reward you with a panoramic view of the town and surrounding country.

Like a good long walk, milk stout has long been associated with good health. This one should give you the energy for that hike up to the Trig Point. A more complex recipe involving eight different malts, and as a result it's a light-drinking but full bodied Milk Stout with a smooth chocolatey sweetness, balancing coffee bitterness and undertones of dark fruit.

Pouring with a strong, frothy light tan head this beer is light enough in alcohol to be an all-night drinker so you can get the full health benefits of all that goodness and flavour.

Winner of The Great Taste Awards 2021

500ml | ABV 4%