Hwgga Brew - 'Shaky Bridge' IPA
Hwgga Brew

Hwgga Brew - 'Shaky Bridge' IPA

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Shaky Bridge is the focus of one of our local walks near Llandrindod Wells. The bridge has more recently been re-built, but in the 1890s was a simple wire and wood creation once described as "..interesting as a native example of those primitive suspension bridges which are so common in various less civilised parts of the world"! 

This traditional IPA will satisfy your thirst and your desire to put the working week behind you.  A few pints of Shaky Bridge and you might feel the shaking under your feet.  Brewed as a more traditional UK IPA, without dry-hopping but with a later addition of UK-grown, but US-style hops, Shaky Bridge is a high IBU bitter beer but with a freshness and balancing sweetness that makes it a pleasure to drink.

Pouring a light refreshing pale amber this beer is light on the tongue, but a bit heavier on the head - in the best possible way. 

500ml | ABV 5.1%