Hwgga Brew Presentation Box
Hwgga Brew

Hwgga Brew Presentation Box

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A Presentation Box containing one of each of the Hwgga Brew 500ml Bottled Beers:-

Lover's Leap - The bitterness in our bitter beer comes from Slovenian Bobek hops which give a slightly more piney addition to the traditional zest and pepperiness of English hops.  The beer pours a clear amber gold with a strong, frothy white head. It refreshes on the way down leaving a lingering hoppy bitterness and a touch of coffee and bitter chocolate from the discrete addition of black malt.  ABV 4.5% 

Shaky Bridge - This 5.1% ABV this IPA will satisfy your thirst and your desire to put the working week behind you.  A few pints of Shaky Bridge and you might feel the shaking under your feet.  Brewed with a unique blend of hops common in both UK and US IPAs, Shaky Bridge is a high IBU bitter beer but with a resulting freshness that makes it a pleasure to drink. ABV 5.1%

Trig Point - A complex recipe, involving no less than eight different malts. The result is a light-drinking but full bodied Milk Stout with a smooth chocolatey sweetness, balancing coffee bitterness and undertones of dark fruit.  Pouring with a strong, frothy light tan head this beer is light enough in alcohol to be an all-night drinker so you can get the full health benefits of all that goodness and flavour. ABV 3.5 - 4.0%