Hwgga Brew - 'Out of Order' Black IPA
Hwgga Brew

Hwgga Brew - 'Out of Order' Black IPA

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This black IPA is the brainchild of Andy Towell, bass player in the local band "Out of Order". Andy had wanted to have a band brew. The idea of the black IPA came from it being "out of order" itself.. It looks like a dark mild or even a stout, but it tastes like a fresh, hoppy IPA. It's surprising... like a headbutt.

Pour it out and it's dark brown, almost black, with a tight, tan head which lingers. Straight away though you can smell that it's not a Mild or a Stout. On the nose you'll get those citrussy US hops with an undercurrent of the dark malt, like toast, with a touch of coffee. Taste it and you get the hoppy bitterness first, with the roast coffee and grapefruit mixture coming through afterwards. After the first sip it's smooth, with an underlying sweetness, and it leaves a slighty dry and complex aftertaste.

At 6.2% it's probably not a session beer, but a few sips in it quickly hooks you and leaves you wanting more anyway... It's Out of Order!