Lover's Leap Best Bitter
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Lover's Leap Best Bitter

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Lover's leaps are described as "of varying height, usually isolated, with the risk of a fatal fall and the possibility of a deliberate jump." There is a picturesque riverside "Lover's Leap" here in Llandrindod Wells where bitter lovers (not lovers of Bitter) might leap to their death.  

Our Lovers Leap beer is a Best Bitter in colour and flavour, but with a slightly lower alcohol count to make it a better session beer.

The bitterness comes from traditional UK hops with their zest and pepperiness, and the beer pours a darkish amber-brown with a frothy white head. It refreshes on the way down leaving a lingering hoppy bitterness, some mango and darker fruits from the aroma hops, and a touch of coffee and bitter chocolate from the discrete addition of black malt. The main ingredient, Maris Otter pale malt offers a light sweetness that balances against those bitter characters.

500ml | ABV 4%