Hwgga Brew - 'Little Hill' Milk Stout
Hwgga Brew - 'Little Hill' Milk Stout
Hwgga Brew

Hwgga Brew - 'Little Hill' Milk Stout

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Up through the woods of the Lake Park behind Llandrindod Lake is the way up to the Trig Point, after which our first milk stout is named.  The name of the hill on which it sits is Little Hill.  So this is another milk stout.  Like Trig Point, but different.

This one packs a bit more punch at 5.3%, and adds vanilla to the mix of coffee and chocolate flavours laced through it.  The hops are softer British Fuggles, as opposed to the more citrus bitter Magnum and Sorachi. 

It’s softer, from the vanilla and less complex malt bill, contrasting with the more earthy Trig Point, but both pack full flavour and that frothy tan head, for a satisfying pint... or 500ml.

500ml | ABV 5.3%