Elite Light American Cream Ale
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Elite Light American Cream Ale

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Elite Light is the latest addition to our more sessionable lineup. It's aimed at the summer, and also at those who might think they don't like traditional ales... This is not a Lager, but it hits the refreshing Lager-Spot.

Cream ale is an American style of beer first crafted in the mid-1800s before Prohibition.  Although brewed as an Ale, it's related to a pale lager and  generally brewed to be light and refreshing with a straw to pale golden colour.

The lightest in colour of our brews, it still packs the flavour of traditional Maris-Otter pale ale malt, but lightened with maize and rice and lightly hopped with a combination of traditional British and German "Noble" hops..  At 4.3% it’s no slouch... but still sessionable.

500ml | ABV 4.3%