The Bar


As of mid-2022 we have fully converted our shop / coffee-shop into a tap room bar.  We now serve Hwgga ales, coffees and teas, and a variety of Welsh spirits in the three-room space.  


The front shop (above) is the larger space, facing the street and with seating for 18 - 20.  The bar is in the middle, and at the back there is a cozy, snug space seating 12 - 14.


At the moment we are not opening regular hours, but we are offering pop-up events and are available for private event bookings and brewery tours

If you'd like to book an event just drop us a mail at, or message us on Facebook or Instagram.

Coming up to Christmas 2022 we have already hosted several successful private events including a Welsh gin experience and two brewery tours, including presentation and discussion, and food and drinks.

We will be continuing the successful series of "The Greenhouse" cocktail bars with Jimmy Tutti's cocktails.  Next events are planned for 9th and 16th Dec (see the events page) and will be advertised on Facebook and Instagram.