Hwgga Brew - 'Shaky Bridge' IPA
Hwgga Brew - 'Shaky Bridge' IPA
Hwgga Brew

Hwgga Brew - 'Shaky Bridge' IPA

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Shaky Bridge is the focus of another local walk of around six miles. The bridge as more recently been re-built more solidly, but when it was built in the 1890s was a simple wire and wood creation once described as "..interesting as a native example of those primitive suspension bridges which are so common in various less civilised parts of the world'! 

This 5.1% ABV this IPA will satisfy your thirst and your desire to put the working week behind you.  A few pints of Shaky Bridge and you might feel the shaking under your feet.  Brewed with a unique blend of hops common in both UK and US IPAs, Shaky Bridge is a high IBU bitter beer but with a resulting freshness that makes it a pleasure to drink.

Pouring a light refreshing pale gold this beer is light on the tongue, but a bit heavier on the head - in the best possible way. 

500ml | ABV 5.1%