Hwgga..... the story so far


Not just Wales... but Mid Wales.... you know that bit that no one you know has ever heard of but guesses is somewhere between Cardiff and Snowdonia.  (Click to continue) Yep that’s where we have decided to start a new life, embrace the beautiful Welsh countryside and engulf ourselves with all things hygge. 

I think the initial conversation went something like this:-

Himself:  Honey, you know I’ve always wanted to live in the Countryside.

Myself:  I’m not sure I like where this is going....

Himself:  Well I have and I miss the mountains and rivers, hiking all day without passing another soul.  Cosy evenings surrounded by friends and family with good food and a roaring fire. 

Myself:  Ok, that’s sounding a lot more promising.... where is this nirvana you speak of?

Himself:  I was thinking we’d start our new life in Llandrindod Wells in Wales. 

Myself:  Wales?!?! Are you frigging kidding me?  All it does is rain in Wales! 

Himself:  It doesn’t ALWAYS rain in Wales and anyway that’s where the best off road motorcycling is.

Myself:  Hmmmmm, but what am I going to ‘Do’? 

Himself:  You can open a shop selling all those beautiful things you’ve always wanted but never had the room for in the flat!

Myself:  Oh!  Ok then.

Well perhaps it didn’t go entirely like that but it is the gist of why and how we wound up where we wound up. 

The preamble to the decision was 10 years of second marriage hell bliss with the last remaining joint child flying the nest.  We were child free, working from home as a photographer and IT Consultant and had downsized to a simpler life, spurred on by the book ‘Stuffocation’ by James Wallman.  We craved simplicity, peace and the ability to lie in the bath uninterrupted for as long as we chose.  So we up sticks and moved into a tiny 1 bedroom flat. 

Turns out we weren’t minimalist people. 

The garden soon became cluttered with motocross bikes as my husband joined the Welsh Championship Classic Scrambles.  If you are unaware of Classic scrambles, the Danes provided a handy and somewhat amusing explanation at a recent International race meeting:-

‘Classic Motocross des Nations riders are a little bit elderly people on motorcycles of the 60’s and 70’s’

My artwork, photographs, hobbies and other things that made me happy were all neatly and sadly resigned to the rented garage.  Whilst I loved our town flat, active social life and frequent travels, I yearned for something more, something worthwhile where I wasn't battling my environment at every turn. 

So we both became restless.... and the epic conversation occurred.

Therein followed months of highs and lows with many a scouting trip to the Elan Valley where we had decided was the start of our new life in the Country. 


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